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Minky Toddler Pillowcase Tutorial

Minky Toddler Pillowcase Tutorial

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With this easy peasy DIY Minky Toddler Pillowcase Tutorial, you can make your own super easy and adorable boutique style minky toddler pillowcase.

We all love little tots and its a huge step going from a crib to a big toddler bed.  But their little heads aren’t quite ready for a full size pillow and its hard to find toddler pillows, especially to match your bedding!  So why not make your own DIY Minky Toddler Pillowcase!


1/2 Yard of Cotton

1/4 Yard of Dimple Dot Minky

12″ x 16″ Pillow Form (my favorite brand here)

Finished Toddler Pillow Size 12″ x 16″

***If sewing a pillowcase with Flannel you may also find These MUST HAVE TIPS FOR SEWING WITH FLANNEL FABRIC helpful.

Toddler Pillowcase Tutorial

  • Cut Minky strip 33″ x 8.5″
  • Cut rectangle 13.5 ” x 33″

Using your rotary blade or scissors cut 2 rectangles 13.5″ tall by 33″ wide

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Then pin the top edges together and sew 1/4″ seam to make a piece that is now 33″ tall by 13″ wide.
Next take your 8.5″ strip of minky and fold in half.


Place the folded minky strip on the right edge of the vertical rectangle with the edges all of the minky and the cotton lined up and pin every 1/2″ – 1″ apart.

Next sew a zig zag seam along the pinned minky and cotton edges making sure to sew with the minky on the bottom.  A walking foot is helpful, but not necessary for this short project.  Since minky is a stretchy fabric, sewing with it on the bottom will allow the feed dogs on the machine to feed it faster than the top cotton layer.  A zig zag seam will also help keep the minky from getting a bit wonky with its cotton counter part and reduce the bulk.

If you’ve followed me this far you will then have a long minky edged rectangle!
Fold the rectangle in half with the wrong side of the fabric facing each other and pin the side and bottom edges. Be sure to pin generously to keep the minky in place.  I like to pin every 1/2″ to 1″ since minky likes to slide.
Turn right side out and TA DA!  You have some adorable boutique pillow cases!!!
If you haven’t sewn with minky before, I have some great tips here.
Have fun making some great pillowcases for the kiddos.  Feel free to share your awesome color combos on our facebook page.

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