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50 Easter Sewing Projects and Easy Easter Craft Ideas

50 Easter Sewing Projects and Easy Easter Craft Ideas

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I have gathered up a list of 50 of my favorite Easter sewing projects and Easy Easter Craft Ideas to get your Easter making started.  Easter is such a bright time when spring starts to bloom and the cycle of life starts once again.  It is also a time to celebrate!  We find ourselves renewed and ready to start new Easter sewing projects and Easter Crafts to add to the beauty of the new life all around us.  I divided the list into sections that I thought might be helpful so you can more easily find the Easter project that you would like to make.easter-sewing-projects

50 Easter Sewing Projects and Easy Easter Craft Ideas

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DIY Easter Home Decor

There are some simple Easter sewing projects listed here as well as some Easter Craft Ideas that would make some great Easter decor.  I would definitely love to see my house decorated with all these pretty things!


  1. Set your dinner table in style with these super easy to sew DIY Pom Pom Dinner Napkins.  Make with gorgeous florals or whimsical bunny prints!  Either way, this easy Easter sewing project will be a fun addition to your Easter
  2. How adorable are these DIY Linen Hand Towels?  They would look right at home with all your spring decor!easter-egg-cactus-diy
  3. I am totally crushing on this DIY Easter egg cactus.  How brilliant!  Totally on trend with all succulents and greenery that is all over the internet right
  4. This Easter egg wreath is absolutely gorgeous!!!  And you can totally DIY one for yourself!  Easy
  5. I have the perfect chair for this spring bunnies in love pillow.  I love the little tails!easter-hoop-art-decor
  6. Hand embroidered hoop art is all the rage in home decor right now!  This bunny and her teacups embroidery pattern is perfect for Easter
  7. I love the natural look of this DIY bunny wreath with the small spring flowers and the pop of color the ribbon adds.

DIY Easter Quilting Projects

An Easter Quilt can be the perfect thing for a new baby born this time of year.  Or just because you love Easter!  Check out this list really charming Easter Quilt Patterns.easter-bunny-quilt-pattern

  1. The Bunny and Bear Quilt Pattern is the cutest thing ever and is perfect to sew up for any new Easter baby.  You can see my Modern Ombre Baby Quilt version.  It is one of my favorite baby quilts I’ve made!easter-mini-quilt
  2. Mini quilts are so fun because they can be sewn super quick which is perfect for any holiday.  This Easter egg mini quilt is free and perfect for using up your scraps!easter-bunny-quilt-pattern
  3. Bunnies everywhere!  I love this bunny quilt pattern and can totally see using lots of pretty florals and pastels to make some adorable little bunnies.elizabeth-hartman-easter-bunny-pattern
  4. These bunnies use fun and vibrant solids to make a spring statement in this bunny quilt pattern.quilted-lamb-easter-pillow-pattern
  5. Little Lambs oh my!  This quilted pillow pattern is simply the sweetest thing!bunny-and-carrots-quilt-pattern
  6. Make a bunny and carrots quilt with this Easter inspired pattern.bunny-quartet-quilt-pattern
  7. The free bunny quartet mini quilt is the perfect table decor for Easter morning.carrot-block-quilt-pattern
  8. You can make an Easter carrot quilt with this carrot quilt block tutorial.

DIY Easter Felt Projects

Little felt Easter Sewing Projects are the perfect quick stitch thing to make for the little people in your life.  Use them in your Easter Basket or for Easter Parties as school!  They make a wonderful

  1.  My absolute favorite of the felt Easter sewing project is these Mini Pocket Critters!  You can also find just the bunny pattern for Free at Swoodson
  2. You can sew your own Easter Egg Bunny cozy with this fun craft kit.  A fun way to jazz up Cadbury eggs!felt-easter-bunny-pattern
  3. These cute little-felt bunnies come with their own carrot sleeping bags.  How adorable!easter-wool-ball-garland-kit
  4. You can make your own trendy felt wool garland for Easter with these bright pastels!  These are all the rage right now.  I just love the mix of all the pretty colors!felt-stuffed-easter-garland
  5. Make Easter ornaments or bunting with this cute pdf felt stuffed Easter Animals.easter-bunny-stuffed-bunting
  6. Hippity hopping bunnies make a fun garland to hang up for Easter morning.easter-felt-floral-crown
  7. Dress your little girl up with this DIY felt floral crown accessory.  This would look so cute when she is all prettied up in her Easter
  8. This felt Easter bunny candy pouch is totally adorbs!!!  Any kid will want to find this in their Easter Basket.felt-egg-lollipop-holder
  9. Need a party favor for your kiddos Easter party?  These felt egg party favor lollipop holders are too cute!
  10. Here is a quick Easter garland that you can make with felt.  These bunnies are super cute and the kids could even decorate them with buttons and ribbon.

DIY Easter Baskets and Bags

There are so many ways that you can DIY your own Easter basket!  You can sew one, make an Easter bucket or bucket cover, or even make an Easter basket out of pretty paper!  You will be sure to find a DIY Easter basket that you will want to make on this list.

        1. You can sew your own Easter basket with this beautiful Easter basket sewing pattern.easter-basket-sewing-pattern
        2. These diy carrot treat bags are just genius.  Perfect for jelly beans and other small
        3. Dress your Easter basket buckets up with these cute Easter animal bucket
        4. Black and white Easter baskets are so modern and hip.  Make these fun DIY paper Easter baskets for your next Easter
        5. What a great idea!  Turn an apple basket into an Easter basket.  Includes free SVG cut files for the
        6. Make an Easter basket with some colorful metal pales and vinyl.  You can even personalize them!woven-easter-basket-tutorial
        7. I hadn’t thought of making a woven felt Easter basket, but what a great idea!  The kids can even help!


      1. Love the cute little bunny face with the button accents on this Easter basket tutorial.


DIY Easter Softies

Almost every year when I was a kid I would find a stuffed animal (usually a bunny) in my Easter basket.  Here is a list of Easter Softie Patterns that you can make yourself!  Find one you want to make on this Easter Sewing Projects list.

  1. This rabbit stuffed doll pattern comes with its own little baby bunny!rabbit-stuffed-doll-pattern
  2. I’ve never thought of hens at an Easter thing, but these Easter hens sure are cute and would make fun decorations or a place to hide
  3. This simple stuffed Easter bunny would make a darling gift for a baby or
  4. Sew up an Easter bunny taggie softie with this bunny pattern and tutorial.  Babies will love the little ribbons on the end to play with.  You can find the fabric panel here or use the pattern provided in the tutorial.easter-bunny-softie-sewing-pattern
  5. Add a ribbon and a pom-pom tail to an Easter bunny softie and you have the perfect gift and an easy Easter sewing project!diy-pom-pom-bunny-easter
  6. This isn’t quite a softie but making a pom bunny out of yarn is such a simple but cute idea!  And so quick!!!!easter-lamb-softie-sewing-pattern
  7. I love this little lamb softie sewing pattern!  Any little toddler would love this sheep to cuddle with it!

DIY Easter Paper Crafts

These aren’t exactly Easter sewing projects but you can turn up the Easter fun with these easy Easter craft ideas.  Made out of paper these simple Easter crafting projects can be made quickly and add a lot of charm to your Easter

  1. This DIY bunny egg decorating kit with little bunny characters is super cute.  I love all of the bunny outfits!easter-bunny-garland-with-felt-wool-tail
  2. Bunny Garland with felt wool ball tails!  Yes!  This is the best use of felt wool balls ever!leather-bunny-garland-bunting
  3. Have you ever thought of using leather for bunting?  I love how the DIY rabbit’s garland kit looks with the leather texture.easter-paper-craft-idea-make-yarn-pom-pom-bunny
  4. Do you have lots of pretty cardstock laying around from different projects?  Make some pom pom bunny tail Easter garland with it!paint-chip-egg-bunting
  5. Love how easy to make an assemble this egg paint chip garland is for Easter decor.easter-bunny-treat-cone
  6. Your kids will love helping you make these DIY bunny treat cones if only to eat all the treats they put inside!paper-easter-egg-wreath
  7. Need some quick decor without spending a lot?  Use some pretty cardstock to make this paper Easter egg wreath!diy-easter-hair-bow
  8. Make some stacked french hair bows to match your little girls Easter dress.

DIY Easter SVG Files and T-shirts

My kiddos love having a t-shirt for every upcoming holiday.  Here is a list of Easter SVG files that you can use to make a DIY Easter T-shirt or other Easter decor.


  1.   Bunny ears and bows would be so cute on any little girl.  And you can personalize this Easter SVG File with her name too!
  2. glitter-bunny-svg  I love this glitter bunny SVG file with its fluffy bunny tail.  Any girl who loves glitter will love this one!easter-bunny-svg
  3.  This trendy bunny SVG file would look great on a t-shirt or any home decor!easter-bunny-and-lamb-svg
  4.  I adore all the sweet girly bunny and lamb faces on these Easter SVG cut files.easter-baby-onesie-svg
  5.  Total baby love with this hanging with my peeps SVG file.  Make your baby a DIY Easter onesie or a toddler t-shirt in lots of different color combinations with this cute cut file.easter-egg-svg
  6. You can dress your Easter eggs up with a little bit of vinyl with this bunny face free SVG cut file.floral-easter-bunny-svg
  7. This bunny with a floral crown SVG file is totally adorable.  I know my kiddos would love to rock this for Easter.

Let me know if you have any other Easter Sewing Projects or Easy Easter Craft Ideas that you think belong on this list!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.