Modern Ombre Baby Quilt + One Thimble Issue 11

Today I have my favorite ever Modern Ombre Baby Quilt!   I am totally lovin' how it came out!  It is one of those items that you get a totally hair brained idea of something that migggght work, but really might not.  The pattern originally called for rugby stripes which is what I really liked about it, since it had fresh clean lines.  But as I combed pinterest for color combinations that might work, I just kept seeing ombre!  Ok, maybe I just kept clicking on ombre....  

Modern Ombre Baby Quilt with a bunny made by coral and co.

And then!  I started looking through those awesome little color swatch inspiration cards, and I just couldn't get this color combo out of my head!

I had no idea if it would really work, since the pattern was rugby stripes and I was doing not just ombre, but multi colored ombre.  

Citrus Lemonade Ombre Quilt Pattern

And then I knew that it was too cool not to take it a step farther and go totally modern with the bunny!  Which I just adore.  I mean, embroidered eyelashes and pink circle cheeks!  I. Can't. Even.

Black and White bunny with embroidered eyes on Ombre Quilt.  Made by Coral and Co for One Thimble Magazine.  Pattern by Horris and Deedle.

I stopped by my local quilt shop to see how the colors stacked together and because it was much easier to buy 1/4 yard of each of the stripes there instead of online like I usually do.  The shop didn't have much selection in black in white except this opposite black and white hashtag fabric from Dear Stella which I totally LOVE with the pink and yellow!  

Black White and Pink Modern Quilt

Sometimes sewing is serendipitous and comes together exactly as it should!  I so love those times!

Horris and Deedle Bunny Quilt Pattern

The solids are Kona Cottons from Robert Kaufman as is the white backing.  I use 100% cotton batting to make it crinkle up and look all quilty.  And then I topstiched in the ditch and through the middle of each stripe.  

Modern Quilt with Hashtag binding made by Coral and Co.

This pattern is so fun and comes with 4 different animal varieties so you can sew it up again and again and each time it will different!  


Modern Bunny Quilt for Babies and Toddlers.  Made by Coral and Co. for One Thimble Issue 11.  Pattern By Horris and Deedle.

You can find the Bear and Bunny Quilt Pattern in the new issue of One Thimble!

One Thimble Issue 11 Release + Blog Tour