Coral & Co. launch


Welcome to the BRAND NEW Coral + Co. formally

known as Giggles & Beans and Sew Sew Glam.

We are pulling together and teaming up as one.

SYNERGY: Theinteractionofelementsthatwhencombinedproduceatotaleffectthatisgreaterthanthesumoftheindividualelements,contributions,etc.;synergism.

We are super excited to launch our new collaboration and have many new ideas and plenty of tricks up our sleeves!  Together we will be bringing you the newest, coolest ideas, styles and trends.


Two girls from a very small town called Sonoma.  We have been friends since we were teens.  We have stayed in contact and we are now states apart.  We have been sewing, crafting, creating since childhood!


We promise to keep you in the loop of whats new and hot!  Coral + Co. is about to blow your socks off with our ideas that have NEVER been done.  So please stick around, FOLLOW us.  You'll see a link on our HOME page, just add us to your email list so you won't miss anything!

Thank you so much for reading along and joining us.  Stay tuned!  We are hosting a BIG giveaway on Friday.


Jennie and Shelly

Coral & Co.